Authentic Teaching – SUMMER FUN PLAN

  • $10 per week per child
  • HALF PRICE for one week $5 per child if you refer a family who registers
  • HALF PRICE for first week $5 per child OR
  • ONE WEEK FREE – only $50 if you pay for ALL 6 weeks in advance

Many families are facing a long summer without the usual activities, trips, and fun.  Authentic Teaching is offering a Summer Fun weekly plan to help make the 2020 Summer more exciting. 

ONLY $10 per week per child includes:

  • 1 live small group virtual lesson (using Zoom) with a certified teacher
  • 1 individual check in with certified teacher upon request
  • Daily Activities aligned with a theme 
  • Parent guide with instructions, materials needed, and steps
  • Support  how-to videos for activities
  • Virtual field trips and special events.

Angels among us

All of us…all of us…need to make this time about spreading light. You’ve got a job to do…so strap on your wings.

The price of goodness

Goodness is like this – there is always a force pushing against our attempts at goodness in the world. Those forces can wear us down if we do not acknowledge the cost, accept the cost, and continue to promote goodness IN SPITE OF THE COST.

Let’s Keep Talking

As educators, let us lead the way in fostering conversations that encourage the development of disagreeing without arguing

I don’t know what to say…

Our actions matter. We are part of a global community of humans. We are part of a fabric woven together and our responsibility is to each other.


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